How to integrate Veriti with Azure AD SSO

  1. Go to portal page

In the Manage Microsoft Entra ID square, click on the View button 

2. Go to App registrations Page

Click on the App registrations link in the side bar 

3. Click on the New registration in the App registrations page

4. Fill the form like this:

Name: Veriti

Supported account types: Choose who you allow access to the application

Redirect URI:

And click on the Register button 

5. Click on the Certificates & secrets link in the side bar 

6. Click on the New client secret button

7. Fill in the side part that opens accordingly

Please note that the maximum expiration of the client secret is 720 days

Click on the Add button

8. Copy the Value of the Client Secret

Go to overview page

Copy the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID

9. Paste the Client Id, Client Secret and Azure AD Tenant in the Manage Identity Providers modal in Veriti app