What are insights in Veriti?

Veriti collects data from your integrated products, and manipulates and consolidates that information, so you can identify and remediate security gaps and misconfigurations throughout your security stack.

This is achieved through security recommendations known as “insights”. Insights make you aware of certain issues and enable you to take action to remediate them. Actionable insights can be remediated on-platform, whereasinformational insights must be remediated externally.

Because Veriti normalizes data from a number of different security products, you can track all this information in one consistent language.

Where do insights appear?

At the top of your Overview Dashboard, you’ll see the number of insights that have been generated for your organization. By clicking each number, you can drill down into insights that are “Open” or “In progress”.

Alternatively, you can click “Insights” in the left-side menu (the lightbulb icon) to view all of your available insights.

Below is how the “Insights” screen looks. Note that you can use the dropdown menu at the top-left corner to choose which status of insights to display (e.g. “Active”, Closed”, “All”).

Also, you can use the filter button (next to the search bar) to filter insights by Type, Asset, Vendor, Impact and more.

Above the name of each insight, a label will indicate what type of insight it is:

Insight status types

Each insight will have a particular status. Actionable insights may have any of the below statuses. Informational insights may only have an “Open” or “Closed” status since their remediation is performed off-platform.

  • Active – Refers to all insights that have a status of “Open” or “In Progress”.
    • Open – Remediation has not been initiated.
    • In Progress – Remediation has been initiated. Depending on the integrated product, its architecture, and the nature of the configuration change, changes in bulk to avoid overwhelming the product. This status has five subtypes:
      • Queued – Veriti is waiting for the product to become available and accept the upcoming change.
      • Remediating – Veriti is actively implementing the change on the security product.
      • Pending – An additional step is required to carry out remediation due to a pending “install policy” for the integrated product. To move an insight from “Pending” to “Installing”, click “Install Policy” within Veriti or the product itself – where this action may have a different name, such as “Publish” or “Enforce”.
      • Installing – Veriti has initialized an install policy on the integrated product(s). Note that the install policy will be applied to all “Pending” insights at once.
      • Failed – Remediation failed and will require Veriti’s assistance. You can contact Veriti support by emailing or clicking the notification that appears.
  • Closed – Remediation was completed successfully.